Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This will be my first attempt at blogging so I hope I do OK. I'm a 6th semester IT student living in Germany, closed to finally getting that sought after bachelors degree. The title of this blog sums me up pretty well: I'm into computers, movies, video games, television series, music...a geek I guess.

During my programming studies I have always been dependent on message boards, programmer websites and blogs. So I decided to step up to the plate and to document the programs I make (and the mistakes I make along the way) in hopes of giving something back to the internet community that has helped me out of some tight spots. I primarily program in C# but will be trying out Android (Java) programming in the upcoming weeks.

It won't be an strict programming blog, I plan to write about my interests as a bit as well.
My first project will be to document my progress working with the XNA 4.0 Framework from Microsoft.
I'll start with the basics, and we'll just take it from there.

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